How to read and/or copy ELA files

The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra (ELA) is primarily available to the public via World Wide Web (WWW) and anonymous ftp. The URL is in Haifa, Israel.

If your connection is slow, you may try our Temple mirror site in Philadelphia, USA, or our Chemnitz mirror site in Germany, or our Lisbon mirror site in Portugal, or our EMIS main mirror site, or any of the other EMIS mirror sites.

Popular WWW browsers can save the files on your local disc. If you want to print a file with the ".Z" extension, first you have to uncompress it by typing "uncompress file.Z".

All files are also available via "anonymous ftp" from They are in the directory ~ftp/iic/ela and its subdirectories. All articles are available as postcript files and they have a ".ps" extension. Most other files are written in "html" format which is suitable for WWW browsers. Some of these files may be hard to read as plain text files.